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Wedding Bands and Choosing the Right One

The wedding band is one of the most intimate items, and as such, it requires personal decision. After all, you will wear it for the rest of your life so you better choose something that you really like. While most couples choose matching wedding bands, others go for their own styles to express their personality. Regardless of your strategy, it is always advisable to go for what you will be happy with for life, and get it from reputable jewelers such as Hatton Gardens. Here are a few tips to help you think through the process.

His Wedding Band

Most men are not particularly fond of jewelry, and the wedding ring maybe their big chance to make an unforgettable personal statement. This is why most men’s bands are plain; its classic, never goes out of style, and is simple enough even for the most conservative man. However, there countless styles from which the flamboyant man can choose. Here are a few pointers to help you make your pick.

• Would you like something ornate or plain and classic? While some rings are as simple as they get, others are magnificent works of art.

• What band width do you prefer? The width ranges from thin to super wide. You can take your pick depending on the look you want to achieve as well as the size of your fingers.

• Do you want any accent on your band? While most men prefer plain rings with minimal accents, you have the freedom to choose any precious stone you want on your ring.

• What color do you want your ring to be? White gold and platinum are among the most popular metals for men’s wedding bands. However, you will also find that silver, Palladium and even yellow gold are still popular. 

• What finish would you like on the ring? You can have a high polish or hammered or brushed finish on your ring, the choice is yours.

Her Wedding Band

Women’s wedding bands are not a simple choice as the men’s. This is mostly because most women want to match the wedding band with the engagement ring. Most jewelers stock pairs of engagement and wedding bands. However, you still have the option of picking a band whose style is completely different from your engagement ring. To get you through the maze, here are some pointers. You might also want to look at The Knot for more pointers on choosing a wedding band.

• Do you want a band that sits flush against your engagement ring? Flush fitting rings are among the most popular for those who want matching rings, though a band can be customized to fit the engagement ring. Those who do not plan on having the engagement ring on all the time may opt for a different style for the wedding band. Heck out the Brides for flush fitting rings.

• Do you want accents on your rings? There are endless choices when it comes to precious stones. You can choose to have a few stones on the wedding band, or have them go all round, or have no stones at all. If you want a band that matches the engagement ring, the choice is easy. You may also need to consider the precious stone (color and quality) you want as well as style of setting. When thinking of the perfect precious stone, it is important consider the costs as well. You may want to look at the Telegraph for more insights.

Pointers for Both His and Hers

There are a few more considerations to have in mind when picking the perfect wedding band. While many couples today are opting for a variety of contemporary styles, there are a few other factors to keep in mind when picking an intimately designed wedding band.

Think Long Term

Don’t be afraid to choose a trendy wedding band. However, when picking the perfect one, keep in mind that it is the one you need to wear for years to come. Choose something that you will still want to wear 40 years down the line. Keep in mind that you can always change the design if you don’t like it.

Consider The Band’s Maintenance

Intricately designed rings are harder or more expensive to maintain; make sure you have provisions for it. You can also opt for a ring that you can clean and polish on your own without taking it to the jeweler’s shop every so often. However, if you still want an intricately designed wedding band, you may want to shop around for the best jeweler to give it a good polishing every now and then.

Parting Shot

It is advisable to take your time when shopping for the perfect wedding bands; don’t wait until the last day! You want to leave options open and give yourselves enough time to have the rings resized or exchanged if need be. You can also browse around jewelry sites for ideas on styles and prices of wedding bands. Be sure to buy your bands from reputable retailers to avoid disappointments.

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